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Specialist Operations Team

Security Guardians has a dedicated Specialist Operations Team (SOT) that has been formed and actively deployed to assist the community. The Team offers a unique and varied range of skill sets and experience that includes Service with the following:

  • British Special Forces and SAS/SBS Royal Marines
  • British Intelligence Special Operations
  • Australian Special Forces
  • Israeli Commandos
  • Specialist Private Investigators

Skill Sets available for deployment in the Specialist Role include, but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance – Mobile, Foot, Electronic, Observation Post, Anti and Counter
  • HUMINT (Human Source and Agent Handling)
  • Debriefing and Interrogation
  • Lie Detection and Hostile Intention Awareness
  • Persuasive Influence and NLP

The Team are available for daily or long-term Operations and can offer support and solutions for the following:

  • Child Protection and Intervention
  • Surveillance of Subjects
  • Security Investigations
  • Corporate Espionage and Theft
  • Evidence Gathering for Court Cases
  • VIP Close Protection

Security Guardians are unique in the Industry in being able to deploy a Specialist Operations Team available for Private commission.
Call the Specialist Operations Team with details of your requirements and we can tailor a solution for you – 13000 BE SECURE (1300 023732)